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Our Story

During a period of full-time outreach ministry, the Lord revealed to ministry’s founder, Louis Posthauer, insights concerning disconnected/dropout believers. From this arose a biblical strategy that resulted in an effective ministry of restoration of dropout believers to the local church. As a result, Louis was invited to many churches to present this strategy and train and equip its members in becoming Hunters of the Harvest.

Now, the ministry has evolved to be self-deployed by local churches. An 8-week small group study guide added to the book enables local church congregations to impart, train, and equip members and the church to become effective in this ministry on their own. The Lord has called Louis full-time to launch this ministry to the churches in the West—U.S., Canada, and Europe—the very regions where this problem is most critical.

Who We Are

Hunters of the Harvest Ministry is an international, trans-denominational ministry specifically focused on dropout believers and is directed to Christian churches in the Western world: Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, and non-denominational. It is biblically orthodox in its approach and based on a scriptural strategy for identifying, engaging, restoring, and reconnecting dropout believers in the latter days.

Our Mission

The mission of Hunters of the Harvest Ministry is to impart a ministry of restoration to local churches and their members to reach out, recover, and reconnect the millions of dropout believers who have disconnected themselves from the church in this postmodern age.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see Christian churches proclaim the Hunters of the Harvest Ministry strategy for the latter days harvest of the dropout believer and to provide a practical approach for believers in the local church who desire to become “hunters” of the harvest.

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Our Ministry Team

Executive Director

Louis has been deeply involved in various aspects of Christian ministry since 1979 when he turned his life over to Christ in a Jesus ’79 rally. The radical changes that the Lord made started immediately.


Board Member

Larry began as lead pastor of Living Word Church in Houston, TX  in July 2012. He is a native Oklahoman and has been a pastor for over 22 years. Larry enjoys people and communicating God’s Word in a practical way.


Board Member

Gary teaches, equips, and encourages others to find their passion, live by faith and act in boldness. He is committed to empowering believers with the Word of God and helping them develop a Christian worldview.


Board Member

Dianna was raised in Texas and married a young Assembly of God evangelist right out of high school. They traveled the country with fellow evangelists bringing people to the Lord, but after a few years, she left the ministry.


Board Member

A former public school teacher and home-school mom, Wanda believes raising up powerful kids who carry and release the kingdom of God is the greatest privilege of parenthood. She enjoys mentoring others.

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