A Personal Invitation

To show your church members how to identify, engage, and eventually lead  the dropout believer to take that first step back—to your church.

As a pastor, you are all too familiar with the problem of dropout believers. Some of them even come through your church as visitors or occasional attendees. Even with a visitor follow-up process, some, perhaps many, do not get assimilated and reconnected. The issue is a spiritual one.

And, many more dropout believers haven’t yet made it to your church for the first time—and don’t plan to! The Hunters strategy will show your church members how to identify, engage and eventually encourage dropout believers in their own circles of influence to take that first step back—to your church. Then the church can utilize the Hunters strategy to tear down the strongholds and move them toward re-connection to the church.

The Hunters strategy empowers your active church members to engage effectively with dropouts and outlines a spiritual prayer strategy to tear down the strongholds that bind dropout believers. It goes further by providing a strategy for reconnecting each believer to the local church.

Connection to the local church involves a “three-stranded cord” that is “not easily broken” (Eccl 4:12):

  1. Heart for the pastor and vision of the local church
  2. Personal relationships in the local church
  3. Area of ministry in the local church

When one or more of these three “cords” of connectivity are missing or weak, a believer is likely to become disconnected—a dropout believer—when the storms and issues of life come. This is the infamous “back door” that can only be closed by these cords of connection.

As a church, consider the impact of your members equipped as hunters, ministering to restore dropouts. Over time:

  • A small church could double in size or more.
  • A medium size church could see growth of 10-40% or more.
  • A larger church with multiple sites could add literally thousands of former dropouts to their congregation.

This is conservative due to the 2016 statistical fact that, for all the believers in your church today, there are even more that are dropouts (4 dropouts / 3 in church = 133% more dropouts than believers in your church!)

And, those restored believers will be inclined to become hunters and continue the cycle of restoration! Please get the book or review the video tutorial and prayerfully consider this ministry for your church. The hour is late.

See what God will do.

“One cannot deny the sobering facts of the American church. Church attendance has been on the decline for decades and many who once considered belonging to a local church, a vital part of their spiritual development, have fallen away. The number of ‘drop out’ believers is staggering. Church leaders must aggressively consider ways to reclaim those who have walked away from the church. Hunters of the Harvest provides church leaders with a theologically sound, practical approach to reaching those who have abandoned their roots in the church. Author Louis Posthauer offers a solid foundation and framework for reaching drop out believers. Any church that desires to reach their community with the gospel needs to consider the biblical directives found in Hunters of the Harvest.”

Rev. Larry Morris, Lead Pastor
Living Word Church , Houston Texas


Scroll down further to learn more about our Hunters of the Harvest methodology and how to deploy our strategy in your church.

The HOH Methodology

How to deploy Hunters of the Harvest ministry in your church in 5 simple steps.

This ministry is designed to be deployed by the local church through small groups to members participating in an 8-week study. Each participant should have a copy of the book Hunters of the Harvest which includes the 8-week study guide.

  1. Familiarize your pastor/church leader with the purpose of the Hunters ministry by reviewing the huntersoftheharvest.org website and the Video Tutorial.
  2. Prayerfully consider and determine if the Hunters ministry is right for your church and members.
  3. Order the Hunters of the Harvest Deployment package for your size church [Go to the “Order” page on this website: includes personal consultation support]
  4. Schedule the 8-week small group study for members and order ministry books (study guide included). [allow 14-21 days for delivery].
  5. Deploy 8-week small group study campaign.

Hunters of the Harvest Online Course!


“Once a dropout believer, I am now reconnected to the church again. Hunters of the Harvest “three-stranded cord” approach for reconnecting dropout believers is spot-on and is exactly what helped me make a lasting commitment to my church.”


Book Cover

“I sent you to reap that for which you have not labored; others have
labored, and you have entered into their labors” (John 4:38).